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Welcome to Cascade Koi and Goldfish Club
Cascade Koi and Goldfish Club

To gain access to the forums you need to signup for a Free account.

Club members will get additional access to the Club Library, download section that contains monthly newsletters, and more.

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Why Join a Club?
Do you know how to properly care for Koi or Goldfish?

What are the latest in Aquaculture methods?

What medication should you use and when?

What varieties are there?

Want books, videos, newsletter, etc?

What do you do for winterization?

Who and where are the suppliers; what are their products?

How can you find other Koi & Goldfish Hobbyists like yourself?

Do you have Questions about Koi ~ Goldfish ~ Ponds ~ Filters

~ Water Quality ~ Winterizing ~ Water Plants?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider joining our informational club. At our monthly meetings, we answer members questions about their ponds and fish. Meetings are held at members homes, so we get to enjoy their ponds and landscaping as well as their Koi and Goldfish.

If you have a pond or are contemplating having one in the future, we encourage you to join now and make your pond the best it can be. There is a lot of information available for you and we can help you sort through it. Your satisfaction will come from knowing you are learning from people who have years of experience in this hobby. Fill out the application below and mail it in today.

Cascade Koi & Goldfish Club dues are $20.00 per year or $50 for 3 years, per family. This entitles you to a monthly newsletter, which is filled with valuable information and helpful ideas, the latest updates about the koi hobby, support from our Koi Health Advisors and much more. Club badges are sold for $11.00 each. Meetings are held at a members home the second Saturday of each month except April which is our Annual Banquet. Social hour starts at 5:00pm, pot-luck dinner at 6:00pm, & Business & Program meeting at 7:00pm. Check for seasonal time changes in your newsletter.
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